The Big Hygiene Secret

Hygiene is not just a cleaning. Hygiene is a clinical appointment. Hygiene is the most important, least invasive, least expensive dental appointment we make. Hygiene is cleaning below the gum line--where our toothbrush can' t reach. Hygiene is cleaning below the gum line--to prevent infection below the gum line Hygiene for one hour, on a regular basis, is the key to optimal care Hygiene helps spot budding problems--when they are small and before they cause more serious, more expensive treatment Regular hygiene patients get benefits others do not. Regular hygiene patients spend 50-75 % less on dental treatment over a lifetime--because most problems are caught early and need less treatment. Regular hygiene patients have healthier gums and bone. Regular hygiene patients keep their teeth longer. Regular hygiene patients have lighter, younger teeth--with fewer strains that build up on the enamel. Without regular hygiene: One seeks dental care only when more serious and more costly problems crop up. And that's exactly what regular hygiene helps to avoid!

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